“A great read – characters are really fully developed”

This review is from Anonymous at Barnes & Noble, 14 February 2013

I really enjoyed this first book in this series.  It is well written and characters are fully developed with lots of details.   Story keeps moving forward and more interesting than standard Fantasy fare.



“I think this book is brilliant!”

This review is from: abeni44 on Jan. 16, 2013

Thoroughly engrossing, I read it in one sitting :) Wonderful detailed scenes, humor, well rounded “history”, engaging characters – a perfect blend of magic, heart, mystery :) I LOVE fantasy and while I may not have read “thousands”, I have read my fair share and I think this book is brilliant! I may be in Nigeria, West Africa but I shall do all I can to buy every one of Mr. Neill’s books I can get my hands on! You’ve got yourself a BIG fan Mr. Neill!



“Wonderful Escapism”
This review is from: The Running Girl (Kaunovalta) (Kindle Edition)
By Raven “raven” (Cary, NC),  May 14, 2012
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
I can’t believe that I’m the first person to review this book. It’s a cross between the Hobbit, Harry Potter, and has elements of Star Wars. The main character, a female elf, is likable and believable. Her wonder at the Dwarven world is delightful. The writing is well done and puts you right into their world. I rarely pay more than $1 for a Kindle book but this is worth every penny, including the $6.99 that I just paid for the sequel. If you’re looking to escape into another time and place then you will greatly enjoy this read. It’s appropriate for young adults and adults alike.


“Outstanding Debut Novel and a Great New Series”

This review is from: The Running Girl (Kaunovalta) (Kindle Edition)
As posted on
By canuckreader, July 15, 2012  
The author has created a complex yet highly enjoyable world for the setting of `The Running Girl’, the debut novel, in what I expect to be a great new series for fans of serious fantasy fiction. Creating a fantasy world – with its requisite back story, history, culture, customs, etc. is a very difficult and daunting endeavor and one fraught with danger. Neill has obliviously spent a great amount of time crafting the world in which `The Running Girl’ is set. It is a world that I encourage more and more readers of fine fantasy to embrace and it is one that I cannot wait to enter again and again.

I found a real strength in Neill’s characterization. It’s not too gradual nor is it too abrupt, the pace feels just right. The first chapter, once you get through the introduction, was quick to insight and very intriguing. Neill has a real talent for writing prose; it is a journey in and of itself and he has found just the right balance between complexity and wordiness that is needed for a fantasy novel.
I am really looking forward to reading the rest of Kaunovalta Trilogy, and then starting Neill’s Bjornssaga Trilogy. Neill is a fresh new face and great addition to the fantasy genre.



“Very good book….On to the 2nd.”

Anonymous (at Barnes & Noble)

Posted November 5, 2012

Very good book. Very hard to read at some points but well worth it. I have to read it agin just make sure i did not miss anything.

On to the 2nd.



Elves Dragons and Dwarves,January 26, 2013

Ran across this while browsing. As it was free, I thought OK, give it a try. I am finding it difficult to find any good books now on this subject as at my old age I have read most of everything there is to read on them. Mr Neil is another writer to look out for. I finished it and am now in the 2nd book. I will admit the 2nd book is better than the first one. One must lay a foundation as they say to set th scene. Seriously though, give it a whirl. I think you might like it. After all it is free, and yes the other ones cost money. Duhhhh–not everything in life is free. Darnit. A word of warning though. The trilogy is all in one for $7.99 and well worth it. If you get the first one free and then go for the trilogy, I had problems getting it to go to the 2nd book and therrefore had to page it so to speak untill I got to the 2nd. book. Sooooo– buy the trilogy all in one and skip the free one. I think you will enjoy this series. Congrats Mr. Neil. Another job well done. OH–yes-dragons,elves,dwarves, and some other assorted monsters thrown in. The dwarven cities are quite different in this one and shows another side of Mr. Neil that I hav not seen in any other writers when it comes to the inovations of the dwarven races. I hope our heroine settles down with Urlrich the dwarf. That would make for another interseting storyline.

(Author’s note: Sorry, Artie – I hope you’re not too disappointed by the ending!)



August 02, 2012
Review by:
crpgnut :
Running Girl is a pretty good debut novel. The book starts off at a nice pace with lots of action and many things happening. There is quite a bit of magic in the early going and some nice combat also.





“Nice fantasy”

Review by: Anonymous at Barnes & Noble on 15 February 2013

Really enjoyed this as well as the first book. Cannot wait until payday so I can buy the next book and read it.



“A really good read”

Review by: ian browne  on Oct. 09, 2012:

A really good read will read the next book with pleasure.













“Great series”

Review by: Mark Marsh on Sep. 19, 2012

Great series that really captures the mythology and religion of the ancients. Wonderfully developed story and characters.


“Very good story lines”

Review by: ian browne on Oct. 09, 2012

I enjoyed all three books in series very good story lines.


Review by: Rowena Miles on Sep. 05, 2012

good book

KAUNOVALTA – The Complete Trilogy









Review by: Fran Rieman on March 08, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy – couldn’t put them down most of the time!  This author has done an amazing job of creating worlds, societies, characters and a plot line that keeps you completely engaged and wanting more.











“A truly wonderful book…[a] must read for fans of epic fantasy.”

Review by: Mark Marsh on Sep. 19, 2012

A truly wonderful book and my favorite in the series so far. I like it even better than the Kaunovalta series wich was excellent as well. Very detailed mythology and character development with a very engaging story. A must read for fans of epic fantasy.



Good plot, good characters…I will definitely read the next book in this series :)









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