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The Brotherhood of Wyrms

The Brotherhood of Wyrms is the next trilogy to be written in the Chronicles of Anuru.  As you can see in the timeline chart, the prologue section of Brotherhood commences before the Kaunovalta trilogy. However, all of the action in Brotherhood is contemporaneous to the adventures of Orkarel Hax in the first two books of that trilogy (The Running Girl and Dweorgaheim). The Brotherhood of Wyrms describes how Breygon, Joraz, Thanos and the rest of the “Wager of Nine” meet, discover the roots of their quest, and set off about achieving it – and it details how they end up on the path that leads them to meet Orkarel Hax, first on the river-road in the Zaran Bjerglands – and much later, in the dark and perilous depths of the Dwarfrealm.

Brotherhood consists of three books.

Book I – The Road into Ruin  - describes how the companions came to meet and join the Brotherhood, and how their shadowy patrons put their feet on the path that will lead them into danger, on a quest to rescue the World Made from the consequences of mortal magic and folly.  It leads them from their meeting place in Aeryngate upriver to Bornhavn and the town of Bymill; past the looming menace of Arx Perilous Gard; into meetings with ancient servants of the Forest Gods and combat with revenant horrors from beyond the walls of night; and finally to the northern metropolis of Ellohyin, where one of the Brethren will confront destiny and reap the harvest of past wrongs.




Book II – The Lover in the Darkness - continues in Ellohyin, as the comrades, torn by dissension but still linked by shared purpose, track their quarry both through the annals of history, and in the shadowy depths of a city fraught with many dangers. In addition to the dreaded denizens of the night, they must confront the servants of the Secrecy, a cabal of maniacal and deadly assassins and sorcerors sworn to the worship of an ancient goddess of chaos and blood, known only as ‘The Lover in the Darkness’. Facing extremes of mortal depravity and corruption, they must rescue a servant of the Anari and triumph against the most twisted and perverse manifestations of evil, without losing their purpose or their humanity in the process.




Book III – The Tower by the Sea - follows the companions as they quit the Bjerglands and take ship southwards, downriver to the teeming port city of Vejborg, where they must make contact with allies, replace departed friends, and unravel the mystery of a wizard’s abandoned tower. Contending with irrascible nobles, prying wizards and determined assassins, they follow the trail of their quest through unimaginable arcane dangers, relying on their skills and their courage to see them through. Only at they end do they understand the full import of their quest; and only then do they learn that it will lead them next to the caverns, the wonders, and the horrors of Dweorgaheim, the realm of the dwarves.




Book I takes place almost entirely on the Nordvej, the great north road that leads from Vejborg in the south to the Duchy of Aeryn, where our tale begins; and then to Ellohyin in the north, and beyond to Bitterberg, the Whitestone Pass, and Dunholm, whence travellers may turn west to take the up-country road to Eastgate, the most distant outpost of the dwarves (the road that Orkarel Hax followed in the opening chapters of The Running Girl); or east, to follow the valley to its mouth on the eastern shores of Erutrei (the road that Bjorn Guthbrandr took in the first chapter of The Sea Dragon).  Below is the map of the Duchy of Aeryn, where the events of the first two books of The Brotherhood of Wyrms take place.


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