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  • Allymynorkarel Aiyellohax: an elf-woman of the Third House; scion of the Duodeci; a sword-magus; uses “Orkarel Hax” as her nomen virago


  • Kaltas Aiyellohax, Ally’s father; Duke of Joyous Light, Commander of the Champions of Larranel, and a nobleman of the Duodeci, the line of Dior
  • Alrykkian Aiyellohax, Ally’s late mother
  • Jianscæn Aiyellohax, Ally’s elder sister
  • Annalyszian Æyllian née Aiyellohax, Ally’s aunt; her mother’s sister, and lifemate to Crown Prince Landioryn
  • Aylanni, Ally’s grandmother, and mother of Alrykkian and Annalyszian; a warrior-mage who fought alongside the royal standard at the Niriam Vale, a thousand years ago


Children of Hara

  • Sylloallen Avarras, Ally’s master in swordcraft; a divine warrior of Larranel, and a retainer of Duke Kaltas
  • Ælyndarka Æyllian, Queen of the Third House of the Elves
  • Landioryn Æyllian, eldest son of the Queen, Crown Prince, and Commander-in-Chief
  • Bræagond Æyllian, the Queen’s younger brother, long dead
  • Æloeschyan Æyllian, Bræagond’s daughter; an accomplished wizard, and Magistatrix of the College of Bone
  • Jurissa, Ally’s hand-maiden at Joyous Light
  • Palkywan, a merchant’s son, her sparring partner
  • Kalestayne of Arx Eos, her master in magecraft; House Wizard at Joyous Light, and latterly, Magister of the College of Stars
  • Lallakentan, arms-master at Joyous Light, and her teacher after Sylloallen’s departure
  • Breygon Sylvanus, a half-elf; a woodsman of Æryn, whom she met on the North-Road in Zare
  • Luperio Szælloszænya, ambassador to the Deeprealm
  • Erestrëia of Eldarcanum, wife to Luperio, and niece to Æloeschyan
  • Terrelek, their son

Children of Lagu

  • Frideswide BalwyfDehorda, a priestess of Khallach
  • Wynstan CarrlárdanBurarda, once a warrior, now an engineer, her husband
  • Uchtred FladingannBurarda, a metal-worker
  • BedwulfBurarda, an artisan
  • Eanfled Burarda, his wife
  • ÆthelthrydBurarda, an armourer of Dwéorgámen, and half-sister to Frideswide
  • Yffi Dehorda, an innkeeper at Eastgate
  • CoenredDehorda, a steward at an Eastgate inn

Children of Esu

  • Qaramyn Lux – Zaran, a wizard, a graduate of the Brandeskole at Æryn
  • Alric Wolvesbane (aka ‘Wolvesfeast’) – Zaran, a soldier of fortune of Æryn
  • Joraz – Zaran, a Tyrellian ascetic of Æryn
  • Prochiliarch Thanos Mastigo – a warcaster of the Army of Imperial Ekhan
  • Karrick Scutator – his shield bearer


Children of Nosa

  • GwendolyneHalpinya, a light-fingered soldier of fortune of Æryn



  • The Spellweaver (aka Glycomon Magjithural, aka Rex Veneficus) – the Sorcerer-King who brought the Shadelvii of the Fourth House against the Deeprealm, sixty years ago
  • Malloch the MightyBurarda, a hero of the Iron Fury, who broke the Bridge of Bones to spare Underdarrow from the Spellweaver’s army
  • Farulf Ironfist – Ekhani, a son of Esu, a divine warrior of the White Hand, who aided in the defeat of the Spellweaver
  • Ven Porwenna – elf of the Third House, a wizard, who aided in the defeat of the Spellweaver
  • Darhaxin DeephammerDethekda, a priest of Lagu, who aided in the defeat of the Spellweaver; later, High Priest of Lagu, and Arch-Priest of the Deeprealm
  • Fax FalkenhaynDethekda, Commander of the Iron Fury at the Bridge of Bones; later a political rival to Darhaxin Deephammer
  • Harwéac HargóinDehorda, a skald, who aided in the defeat of the Spellweaver; later Gamolfax Laréow, Master Chanter of the Deeprealm
  • Ceorlinus Rectinarius – an ancient historian and playwright of the Third House, who flourished ca. 600 years ago
  • Siarszed Æyllian – One of three brothers of Ælyndarka Æyllian, Queen of the Third House; killed in battle with the armies of the Shadow King a thousand years ago
  • Sciarratekkan – a First-Born dragon of the Ancient World, whom Miros, then an elf, took as mate; and from whom she purloined the Art Magic on behalf of her kin, ca. 6000 years ago
  • Tior Magnus – Tior the Mighty; grandson of Bræa; King of the Third House of the elves; first High King of Harad (the elves), nearly 4000 years ago
  • Dior Fell-Handed – younger brother of Tior, first War Chief of Harad; progenitor of the current royal line
  • Xiardath the Usurper – Tior’s son, who usurped his throne, and cast Tior beyond the walls of the universe
  • Biardath the Ill-Born – son of Xiardath by his aunt, who slew his father and crafted the dread Wand from his bones; overthrown by his fiendish daughter Mærglyn
  • Mærglyn Kinslayer – daughter of Biardath; overthrew him with the aid of a fiendish army, and took his Wand; was expelled from Harad and exiled to the Deepdark by Bræa herself; progenitrix of the Fourth House of the elves (the Sobrinatri, or Shadelven); later challenged Ekhalra for rule of the world, and was slain by her, and the Wand sundered



  • Ana, the Light
  • Uru, the Darkness


Powers of Light (the Anari)

  • Bræa, the Holy Mother, First among the Anari
  • Tian the Just; the Imprisoned Goddess
  • Vara the Healer
  • Hara the Wise, father of the Elves
  • Esu the Brave, father of Men
  • Lagu the Strong, father of Dwarves
  • Nosa the Swift, father of Halflings
  • Miros, Servant of Hara; who traded her life for magic, and saved the elves
  • Barraj, Servant of Lagu; who taught iron craft to the Dwarves
  • Zoraz, Servant of Lagu; who taught the Dwarves patience
  • Khallach, Servant of Lagu; who taught them the lore of stone


Powers of Darkness (the Uruqua)

  • Bardan, First among the Uruqua; Bardan Eyðar, the Ender-in-Shadow
  • Ekhalra, the Witherer; Queen of the World
  • Tvalt, master of the Long Halls that lie beyond death
  • Vilyacarkin, the Mistress of Lies; worshipped as Dashnorrej, the Lover in the Darkness, by the Elves of the Fourth House



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