Kaunovalta Trilogy
Book I – The Running Girl   >  ebook from Amazon
Book II – Dweorgaheim    > ebook from Amazon
Book III – Daughter of Dragons > ebook from Amazon

Books I, II, and III altogether – The Complete Trilogy   >  ebook from Amazon / from Smashwords

A companion volume to  “The Chronicles of Anuru” – Tales of the Wyrm > ebook from Amazon / from Smashwords

Kaunovalta Book I The Running Girl       Kaunovalta: The Complete Trilogy  Tales of the Wyrm a companion volume to  "The Chronicles of Anuru"Bjornssaga Trilogy
Book I – The Sea Dragon    > ebook from Amazon / from Smashwords

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Kaunovalta Trilogy

The Running Girl (The Kaunovalta Trilogy, Book I) Published April 22, 2012 Purchase: ebook The Running Girl from Amazon Storyline: Ally of Eldisle, sword-thegn and sometime mage, bears twin burdens: a complicated heritage, and a penchant for finding herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Faced with false accusations of treason and murder, …

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Bjornssaga Trilogy

The Sea Dragon  ~  The Azure Wind  ~  Shadow of Midnight   The Sea Dragon (The Bjornssaga Trilogy, Book I) Published: June 20, 2012 Purchase: ebook The Sea Dragon from Amazon / from Smashwords Bjorn Guthbrandr – a one-time reiver turned priest of Esu; a humble Hand of the Great General, the Allfather of Men …

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The Brotherhood of Wyrms

The Brotherhood of Wyrms is the next trilogy to be written in the Chronicles of Anuru.  As you can see in the timeline chart, the prologue section of Brotherhood commences before the Kaunovalta trilogy. However, all of the action in Brotherhood is contemporaneous to the adventures of Orkarel Hax in the first two books of that …

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Companion volumes

Illuminating the world that is Anuru with this first companion book to The Chronicles Tales of the Wyrm – Volume I A companion volume to “The Chronicles of Anuru” Publication Date: June 27, 2012 Purchase: ebook Tales of the Wyrm from Amazon / from Smashwords Description: Myths and legends, tales of valour and horror, songs …

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