Anuru lore

LORE – The Powers of Light and Darkness

POWER (Name is capitalized)

***Greater Servant
**Lesser Servant



ANA (The Light)

URU (The Darkness)

The Anari (Powers of Light)

BRÆA (Light and Life, Sacrifice)

  • Soryllea* (winds)
  • Vorwenna* (protection)

TÎAN (Justice, Honour)

  • Tioreth*** (Loyalty, Wolves)
  • Chamdran*** (Law – absolute)
  • Îarwain** (Law – compassionate)

VARA (Healing and waters)

  • Thanos*** (waters)
  • The Uðrmær (wave-maidens)
  • Varaneth*** (mercy)
  • Xarda** (healing)

HARA (Elves and magic)

  • Larranel*** (woodlands)
  • Miros*** (magic, dragons)
  • Gemmo** (the skies, birds)
  • Annistara Akistan* (magic)
  • Csæleyan* (woodlands)
  • The Skógrfljóðr (wood-maidens)
  • Feynillor Freagan* (battle)
  • Istravenya* (woodlands)
  • Shanyreet* (woodlands)

ESU (Men, war and storms)

  • Karg*** (courage)
  • Jurdish*** (faithfulness)
  • Tchudash** (fire, rage)
  • Ban Qoryllaq* (generalship)
  • Olgar Olgarssen* (fury)
  • The Boðvarrmær (Battle-maidens)
  • The Blóðrekkr (Blood Warriors)

NOSA (Halflings, thieves)

  • Myran*** (Bards, cats)
  • Khallohaim** (Speed)
  • Cham** (Cunning)
  • Yondalla* (Home and hearth)
  • Eolwine* (Silence)
  • Palchriss* (Martyrs, DECEASED)

LAGU (Dwarves, the earth)

  • Veróldmóðir (The Earth Mother)
  • Barraj*** (Dwarves, craftsmanship)
  • Khallach*** (Stone and mountains)
  • The Héahbeorgástr (Mountain Spirits)
  • Zoraz** (patience)
  • Dargarulak* (vengeance)

The Uruqua (Powers of Darkness)

BARDAN (Darkness)

  • Achamkriss*** (Dragons)
  • Borduru**(Rogues, Monks)
  • Gargarik***(Giants)
  • Keilyxrakas*(Terror)
  • Korkrynn**(the skies, Raptors)
  • Mælgorm*(Winter)
  • Mordakris** (Wolves, DECEASED)
  • Penchriss***(Serpents)
  • Xanthanis**(Spiders)


  • Balcocheth**(Treachery, DECEASED)
  • Ceiloexas*(Dark Wizardry)
  • Morduilduin*(Venom)
  • Procoach the Dominator***(Magic)
  • Vilyacarkin***(Lies)

TVALT (The Afterlife)

  • Allarkin the Traveler***(Incorporeality)
  • Allith the Corruptor**(Corporeal Undead)
  • Kaaris***(Vampires and Lichs)
  • Ourssh*(Panic)
  • Tyl Rouwgor*(Transformation)

KÆR THE THIEF (Thieves, Assassins)

  • Lyra Kyllona***(Bards)
  • Ogadal**(Thugs, Footpads)
  • Tyars***(Rogues, Cut-purses)


  • Baluchog***(Fire Demons, DECEASED)
  • Chamhain**(Fire Giants)
  • Flacaridraca (Fire Demons)
  • Pyrgin Bæle*(Flame)
  • Pyrgin Weal*(Magma)
  • Pyrgin Zýst*(Conflagration)
  • Riadal, Princess of Darkness***
  • Sylgur*(Frost Giants)


  • Breacha***(Death)
  • Hasorex*(Dark Sorcery)
  • Lycenyllona*(Pain)
  • Meindraugrin (Pain Devils)
  • Miyaga***(Beauty)
  • Olg, Fist of the Queen**
  • Szælyinella*(Lust)
  • Zylurz*(Fury)


  • Brechaim of the Cursed Touch**(Ghouls)
  • Laruk***(Vermin)
  • Zalugua the Ill-Made**(Slimes, Oozes)
  • Zeorwek*(Blood)

LORE- The Ancient World


  • In the beginning, all that existed was the unremitting chaos of the Void
  • An instant of Order appeared; the chaos was split for a moment, bringing forth Ana and Uru
  • In the instant they appeared, the Universe took shape, as an expanding island of order amid the chaos
  • The Powers spring forth from the juncture of Light and Dark
  • The Anari are Bræa, Tîan, Vara, Hara, Esu, Nosa and Lagu
  • The Uruqua are Bardan, Zaman, Tvalt, Kaer, Morga, Ekhalra and Daesuglu
  • The War of the Powers begins
  • The Anari and the Uruqua create Anuru, “The Place of Light and Darkness”, as a battlefield
  • The Minions and Avatars are created, and the Servants selected from among their numbers
  • Tîan is betrayed by Zaman and Balcocheth



  • Bræa creates the Beasts, and Bardan creates the Monsters
  • Bræa creates the Brahiri (Elvii, Men, Dweorga and Halpinya), giving them free will, immortal spirits, and the power of the spoken word
  • Bardan attempts to copy this work, but fails; and he recedes into the depths of the Earth, trying to equal the majesty of Bræa’s creations
  • Bræa moves to strike down her Children for disobedience, but is prevented by Anā
  • Hara, Esu, Lagu and Nosa are made the teachers of the Brahiri
  • Elves master magic; Men, empire; Dwarves, iron; and the Halpinya, art
  • Ana forges Bræadan, the Lantern of Bræa, to light Anuru; and Uru sets the world in motion, to give the Uruqua dark places in which to work
  • The forging of the Lantern, and the turning of the world, begins the count of days



  • The Anari take each a Kindred manu, and walk among their children, teaching them
  • Bardan kidnaps many of the Brahiri; from the Elves he breeds Orcs; from Men, Ogres; from Dwarves, Goblins; and from the Halpinya, Gnomes.  These are called the Speaking Monsters
  • Bræa and Hara take mates from among the Haradi, and the Great Houses are born
  • Bræa and Cîarloth sire the First House (the Wandering Elves)
  • Hara and Elloamna sire the Second House (the Grey Elves)
  • A child of Bræa weds a Man, siring the First House of Hiarsk (the Ancient Halfelves)
  • Tîor, child of the First and Second Houses, fathers the Third House (the High Elves).  Called Magnus, ‘The Mighty’, he creates the Well of Stars, the Rods of Majesty, and the Alurenqua, the great sword of the Third House; and he scribes the scrolls called the Miruklær, the Wisdom of Time
  • Tîor is deposed by his son, Xîardath the Usurper, who casts Tîor into the Void
  • Xîardath unknowingly takes his aunt Dîorwine as concubine; she bears his deformed son, Bîardath Ill-Born
  • Bîardath deposes Xîardath and feeds him to his mentor, Kankallanach the White Wyrm
  • Mærglyn, Bîardath’s daughter by a fiendish sorceress, deposes him and casts him into the Void
  • Bræa leads the Anari and the Minions of Light to overthrow Mærglyn’s demonic rule; Yarchian the Renewer takes the throne of the Third House
  • Mærglyn flees to the Deepdark, and founds the Fourth House of Harad (the Shadelven)
  • Yarchian rules in peace for 600 years
  • Bardan launches his now-innumerable slaves against the Kindred; empires totter and fall
  • Yarchian is defeated at the Field of Oldarran, at the Gloaming of the Wyrms; Elvehelm is overrun and destroyed by the Minions of Dark
  • Bræa and Bardan meet, and agree that the Powers must withdraw from Anuru, lest it, and all within it, be destroyed; and together they forge the Dome of the Firmament, to seal out the Powers, and seal their bargain
  • Ekhalra is left upon Anuru, to balance Tîan, who cannot herself leave; the remainder of the Powers depart Anuru forever
  • Bræa and Bardan create the River of Stars (aka the Astral Plane) to allow their Servants, Avatars and Minions to travel across the Dome, and maintain divine contact with Anuru
  • The Eon of Darkness begins, and endures for more than a thousand years


LORE: The Ordering of the Universe