APRIL 2016

Friends, it’s been a while.

I’ve been here and there since I last posted on this page, but I’ve spent at least part of that time in Anuru, and I have another tale for you.

My new book, The Penitent, is available now at Amazon and Smashwords.

A second volume, The Wizard’s Eye, will be published shortly – and I’m working on the third.

It’s good to be back in the land I’ve come to love. I hope you’ll join me there.

- D. Alexander Neill


NaNoWriMo – November 2013

Hello all.  For this year’s NaNoWriMo, I plan to pen the second book in the ‘Hero’s Knot’ trilogy – Silviu the Hunter

This one is going to be a lot longer than Silviu the Thief, so don’t expect the final draft out before Christmas (at the earliest)!

Wish me luck. Oh, and for the record, I’m doing this because Serge guilted me into it.  Thanks Serge!



The Sea Dragon

I’ve decided to make my novel The Sea Dragon free for the summer. Until 6 September 2013, you can head on over to my Smashwords author site and, by entering this coupon code, download The Sea Dragon for free:


I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


My new book, Silviu the Thief - a special effort for National Novel Writing Month – is now available for purchase!

Book Two of The Hero’s Knot - entitled Silviu the Hunter - will be out in Spring 2013.


An anticipated series of 15 books, The Chronicles of Anuru begin with the Kaunovalta trilogy,

soon to be joined by further trilogies and companion volumes.


In Book 1, The Running Girl, we meet Allymynorkarel Aiyellohax, sword-thegn and sometime mage. Ally bears twin burdens: a complicated heritage, and a penchant for finding herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Faced with false accusations of treason and murder, she flees to foreign lands, finding enemies all around, friends in unexpected places, and wonders undreamed-of.  While struggling to keep an ancient treasure out of unfriendly hands, she is forced to reconcile her preconceptions about the wider world and its myriad inhabitants with her own origins – and to come to terms with the meaning of a bloodline lost in the depths of antiquity, created by ancestors both inhuman and unknown, and with the awful powers they have bequeathed her.

Book 2, Dweorgaheim, we follow Ally deeper into the ancient undergound realm of the dwarves. Secure in the company of her new companions, she is drawn into the majesty and mysteries of the ancient realm of the dwarves.  From the fires and forges of the foundry towns to the incomparable wonders of Ædeldelf, greatest of the cities of the Deeprealm, she follows her destiny, seeking ever to return the ancient treasure that she has been accused of stealing to its rightful owners.  Aided by Frideswide, a priestess of Khallach the Stoneteacher; her husband Wynstan, one-time warrior and veteran of the Iron Guard; and Uchtred, an engineer and master metal-worker, Ally delves ever deeper into the ancient underground fastness of Dweorgaheim – and learns to her dismay that regardless of whether they are buried deep in the earth, or deep in her own past, some secrets are best left undisturbed.

Book 3, Daughter of Dragons, finds Ally in dire straits. Lost in the depths of Dweorgaheim, surrounded by foes, she struggles to reach Underdarrow and the First Forge in order to keep her sworn oath. Names from her past reappear to aid her.  Locked in a duel to the death with the unchecked hordes of an abomination from beyond the walls of the world, Ally struggles with love and loss, and begins to understand both the true nature and limitless scope of the power that lies within her, and just how costly realizing that power might be.

Also available is The Sea Dragon, Book 1 of the Bjornssaga, which follows the journey of Bjorn Guthbrandr – a one-time reiver turned priest of Esu; a humble Hand of the Great General, the Allfather of Men – who has been caught up in a quest that began in the distant past. Travelling to his homeland in the mountains of far-off Jarla to consult with his superiors and seek out the trail of an artifact of ancient evil, he finds himself burdened with a most unusual companion. Together they must leave the south behind and make their way to the frozen northlands in the depths of winter, searching for the holy city of Kofalls, where they hope to find Bjorn’s superiors in faith, and the answers that they seek. Instead of answers they find mystery, disaster and death – and also proof that an ancient evil has awoken, potent and dreadful. The ancient city, Bjorn’s homeland, and even the world itself are at stake as the two and their companions strive to defeat the overwhelming powers that seek to enslave Bjorn’s people, and bury the northlands in a shroud of eternal ice and darkness.

The Kaunovalta trilogy and the first book of the Bjornssaga together mark the beginning of what I hope will be a thrilling and compelling venture into Anuru, the World of Light and Darkness. I hope that you will enjoy reading about its many and varied characters as much as I have enjoyed creating and writing about them – and that if you do, you will consider reading the many books that are still to come!

NEXT UP: The Brotherhood of Wyrms!


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